Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do You Think I'm Beautiful? - Week 1

I have learned over time that there are 3 basic responses to “beautiful”….

There is the woman to whom “beautiful” is really a non-issue. Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t. There is the woman who knows that she is beautiful. Then there is the woman who dares not even ask the question.

In this week’s Bible Study, Angela specifically addresses the woman who dares not ask the question “Do you think I’m beautiful?”, but the study touches us all.

She asks us to think about the story of Cinderella and then challenges us with the question: If you were in the story, which character would you be? Stop and think about that for a moment. Who would you be? Do you DARE answer “Cinderella”? Perhaps, you think of yourself as one of the step sisters….or…maybe you are one of the nameless girls at the ball.

Angela says, “Can’t you just see the girls from the kingdom on their way home from the ball? Each one hoped to be noticed by the prince. I’m guessing that on the way home, they were making things up, That prince was so short, I bet her toes were pinched in those glass slippers, anything to pretend that it really didn’t matter that the prince hadn’t seen them….or asked them to dance.”

Guess what! In YOUR Cinderella story, the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE plays the role of the Prince. Know what else? You will NOT go away from the Ball unnoticed. God, our Creator LOVES YOU. Not in some distant standoff-ish manner. He loves you passionately. He is enthralled by your beauty.

She goes on to say, “God made you feminine, wired with the desire to be known and loved deeply. He made you with a feminine heart and feminine longings. He is completely aware of His design for you. We were made to be seen and loved and called beautiful. We do not have to hide our hearts from God or pretend we’re okay when life actually hurts.” So, no matter where you are, please join us. If you are struggling with the whole idea of being beautiful, come and see what God intended “beautiful” to be. If you are struggling with seeing God as the Lover of your Soul, then join us and meet the One who is Enthralled by your beauty.

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