Friday, April 24, 2009

A World of Difference

When I was growing up, my family was in church every time the doors opened. I liked going to church sometimes. I became a Christian at the age of 9. It was the biggest decision I ever made. As I grew up I knew I was a Christian, and that I had to make the right choices in my life. For the most part I did, and I actually thought at this point that I did have a relationship with the Lord.

I continued to go to church because I knew I was supposed to, not because I wanted to. I knew I was going to Heaven, but was just not longing for a personal relationship with my Savior. In December of 2005, I got engaged. In February of 2006, I found out I was pregnant. We had not yet gotten married, and I had to break the news to my family. It was the hardest thing I had to do in my life. I knew I had disappointed them. In March 2006, I got married. I knew that as a family we needed to be in church. We still went, but mostly because we knew we needed to go. On September 8, 2006, I received the greatest gift from God, my precious little boy. We took him to church for the first time at one week old, but we were still there because we needed to be.

In October, we became members at Pearson Baptist Church. At this point we had finally found a church where my child was comfortable and my husband was comfortable, which up until now had not happened. It was a struggle to get my husband to even go. We were even on the verge of a divorce. My married life was terrible, and I just wanted out. It wasn't what I had dreamed of as a little girl. Once we got active, I realized that I had a void in my life that needed to be filled. I was longing for a personal relationship with my Lord. My husband and I just couldn't get enough. When we began to take time out of our day to be with our Lord, we changed. Our peers have even noticed a difference. At this point, our married life is great. Having the Lord in your life can make a world of difference.

In His Arms,