Wednesday, May 6, 2009


As a little girl I dreamed of the fairy tale life. Big white house in a field with a white fence, tire swing on the big oak tree, two kids (1 boy and 1 girl) running and playing while my perfect husband sat with me, the perfect wife drinking sweet tea on the porch swing. I was a great girl, never drank, smoked, did drugs, didn’t sleep around, minded my parents… so of course all of this was going to be mine, why wouldn’t it?

I can’t tell you the shock to my soul when it all finally hit me that I was 29 years old divorced, living with my mom and dad and had a 5 month old baby. Where in the world is the big white house, the fence, the tire swing, happy children? Oh my gosh where is that perfect husband that was going to make me feel like a princess everyday? So.. lets see - what did I have? A twin bed at my mom and dads, a perfect baby (that’s the good part), lots of bills, lots of nights up with Blaine oh yea don’t forget a LARGE attorney bill.

I don’t recall the exact moment when I was slapped in the face with realization, but honey it happened. I vowed to never deal with men again. I could survive with Blaine alone. I didn’t need anyone else. For all of you that have experienced divorce, you know what I am fixing to say, babies can only fill the void for so long before you need another adult around. I remember telling God, o.k. dude, if you have something amazing planned for my life now would be a good time to give it to me. If you ever want me and Blaine to have a family it is up to you.

Well I promise you one thing, when you truly, whole heartedly ask God for something you better be ready for him to answer you. You better not blink because it only takes an instant for your whole life to change.

So, let’s see what God has done for me. I have an absolutely amazing husband who truly thinks I am a princess, I have 4 beautiful children, I have a great house, of course I still have my great parents but now I have the greatest mother in law in the world and all of this is just at home. Did I mention an incredible job that I love dearly with a boss that I adore, the most absolute greatest friends God has ever created, my church which is the only place I’d rather be and yes GOD right here with me in each and every aspect.

You may ask, what in the world did a divorced woman with a kid do to deserve this life? Well I have asked myself that question many many times and the same answer always comes back to me ------ leaving it at the cross! Have you, my friend, been down this road? If so, give it to him, give him your heart, and give him your soul. Trust him with every tiny detail of your life. I am living proof that when all this happens miraculous things will occur.