Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lay Your Burdens Down

Lay Your Burdens Down

Burden: n, A heavy load that someone has to carry.

What burdens do you carry?

There is one “burden” that we often overlook. Most women carry it… we just handle it differently. That “burden” is “life”.

For me, my typical day is something like this:

4:40 am: head to the gym

6:00 am: get four kids up & ready for school, fix breakfast, pack lunches, sign papers, make sure my husband has everything he needs and doesn’t forget anything, and oh yea, get myself dressed somewhere in here.

7:00 am: get to work, where I am immediately hit with this and that sometimes before I even get out of the car. I continue this throughout the day. Don’t forget making sure I make it to all the school functions in the middle of the day while I am in the middle of running a business with 160 children and 30+ employees.

3:00pm – 6:00pm: somewhere in here I will get off. Never a set a time, and I must be ready to change my plans on leaving at any moment.

6:00 pm – bed time: baseball for 2 boys, softball for 2 girls, homework, bath time, supper, husband on the school board going to meetings, church 3 times a week, teaching Sunday School, Singing in the choir, teaching Sunday Night Team Kids, occasional Bible Study (when we are not on the ball field), spend anytime with my kids that I can and anything else that pops up. Oh my - I forgot cleaning house and doing laundry :)

O.k. you may not consider these things as “burdens”, but they are true to the definition. If these things are the “load” you are carrying, then they are burdens. See, burdens do not have to be traumatic, monumental things. For many women it is just the typical daily life that has become hard to juggle. In my daily schedule, as busy as it is, I have not allowed for the “quick trips” to the doctor, parents calling and needing help, friends needing me, husband needing me, work needing me etc…….

Do you notice the one person that has been left out of my EVERY day normal routine? You guessed it – GOD. The one person that I should put before all of this, always seems to get neglected because I simply “run out of time”. It is so easy to say I’ll read the Bible tomorrow, or work on the Bible study tomorrow, talk with God tomorrow. I think you understand how I am feeling. I think many of you are right where I am.

The Bible says: “Then Jesus said, ‘Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”’ Matthew 11:28

Why do we find this so hard to do? Why do women feel like we need to handle everything by ourselves, and then why do we get mad when our Husbands or kids don’t help? Why is it that we do not allow God to do what he wants and desires to do for us? Why is it that we feel like none of this is His problem? God created each and every one of us to be unique women. He knows what we are going through at every minute of every day.

Think about how helpless you feel when you see a child trying to accomplish a task that they cannot do, but are too “big” to let you help? We know how to do things better and easier than they do… if only they would let us help them, or if only they would do it like we tell them to. God feels the same way about his children, you and me. He is watching and waiting for us to allow him to take control. I challenge each of you to find the strength you need to allow God to handle your burdens for you. Show God that you TRUST him enough to handle every detail of your life. Show God that you LOVE him enough to give it all to him. Life is so much easier when we all “Lay our burdens down at the cross”. I can tell you personally that I would never be able to make it through one day without allowing God to be by my side, not as my co-pilot (who takes over when things get too tough), but as my Cartographer (the one who draws my map) .