Friday, May 8, 2009

The Preacher's Kid

There are some labels you are born into. Such was the case with me…the Preacher’s kid. PK’s are known to be rebellious, but that was not the case with me. I knew what was expected of me and I did what I could to make my parents proud. I have been in church all my life. As an older child I often found Sunday School boring because I already knew all the Bible stories…being in church every Sunday and Wednesday for your entire life allows you to absorb mass amounts of Bible info without much effort. I enjoyed hearing my Daddy preach, but always felt that I was being watched by “well intended dragons” in the congregation who wanted to make sure my Daddy knew if I talked in church, looked up during the closing prayer, day dreamed during the hymns, or passed notes during the sermon. Even though I have ALWAYS been in church, I have not enjoyed church much….until recently.

My dad changed churches, time passed, I got married….but I was still the PK. I was dragging my little family to and from my Daddy’s church the better part of an hour from home every Sunday…it didn’t matter much to me because church had always been something I was supposed to do …and as the Preacher’s Kid, I had always gone to my Daddy’s church. That’s just what I did…until recently.

One day on the way home from our weekly trip to church, I realized that I really didn’t want to make that trip anymore. The thought hit me….”There has GOT to be more to it than this”. That realization has changed my life. My husband, son and I have found a church home of our own now, and even though we said “we are JUST going to church, we are NOT getting involved”…we are very involved.

I have learned that your motive for going to church makes all the difference in the world. Going to church because you always have isn’t enough. Going to church because you are supposed to isn’t enough. Going to church because you love to worship with your church family and because you love to serve God with your church family makes all the difference! I have learned that you should look until you find a church that fits you and your family, where you can worship together, grow together, and serve together.

The most important thing I have learned that going to church for a long time doesn’t automatically make you spiritually mature. You can go to church and learn how to act like a Christian, talk like a Christian and look like a Christian….but it takes personal effort to seek the heart of God and to grow in your personal relationship with Him.

I will always be a Preacher’s Kid, because my Daddy is a preacher, but I am a Child of God in my own right and am cultivating my relationship with HIM accordingly!

In His Arms,