Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do You Think I'm Beautiful? - week 4

We have been talking about different parts of Angela Thomas' Book, Bible Study, and video series "Do You Think I'm Beautiful" on Tuesdays for about a month now. This week's thoughts will be short and sweet.
Angela talks about the voices that we hear in our hearts...the ones that cause us to doubt that God REALLY calls us beautiful.

"You'll never amount to anything"

"How could you be so stupid?"

"You're not going to wear THAT, are you?"

"I don't love you anymore"

If you and I went to a homeless shelter, the burn wing of a hospital, or to a Special Olympics event and I asked you if God thought any of the women in any of these place is beautiful, you would say "YES!" In those women you too would see beauty beyond fashion, make up, and hairstyle. If I then asked you, "Then does God call you beautiful?"
What is your answer? This is not rhetorical or hypothetical. Does God call YOU beautiful?
Well, I guess so
I hope so.
Well, sure he does....he calls all of His creation beautiful (not me specifically, but his creation in general)

Angela says:
What if you began to live as if you believed God's words-all of them? What is you just went for it and staked it all on Jesus, leaned in, gave him the load you've been carrying, and fell down on top of it? Traded what you feel for the truth of his words? Do you have anything to lose? Nothing.

And to gain? The rest of your life dancing in the arms of God."

What if you stopped listening to the voices from your past? What if you stopped believing the lies Satan has been telling you?
You aren't worthy
God forgives everyone but you
God can't fix you
You have fallen too far

What if, just what if, you took God at his word and accepted the FACT that "The King is enthralled with your beauty"?