Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Do You Think I'm Beautiful? - week 5

The Ladies Bible Study group at Pearson is halfway through Angela Thomas' "Do You Think I'm Beautiful?" and I think we all agree that this is NOT the easiest Bible study we have done. Angela gets down to the real guts of the issues we face, the hangups we have, and the SIN in our lives that holds us captive and cripples us. Acknowledging sin is never comfortable and getting it out of your life can be absolutely painful.

One thing Angela touched on a week or so ago is the clutter we have in our lives and the clutter of sin we have in our souls. This has been something I can't get out of my head, so I want to visit that idea for a moment this morning.

The other day I picked a stray pen up off the kitchen counter and, without thought, opened up the "junk drawer" to put it away only to find that it would not fit! So, I decided that I would clean the junk drawer out "real quick". It only took about 15 minutes to get all the "junk" out of the drawer and lined up on the counter according to whose room it belonged in. No big deal. Piece of cake. I took my son's "junk" to his room and opened a drawer and .....it wouldn't fit. SO, I started in on his room. An hour or so later I was back in the kitchen getting my 4 yr old daughter's "junk" to put away in her room. Opened the toy box and.....you guessed it.....more junk.

What began as a 15 minute job turned into an all day ordeal. The more I looked, the more I found. I said, more than a few times, "WILL THIS EVER END?"

Cleaning the "junk" out of our lives and out of our hearts is very much the same. I have talked with SO many women that have been in tears, close to giving up, because they have been trying to get the "junk" out of their lives for ages and just can't understand why the junk keeps piling up.

Well ladies, just like the junk in our homes, the junk in our hearts didn't get there over night. Just like it takes time to get your house organized, cleaned out, and in order....yeah, it takes a while to get your heart in check.

We are tempted to give up and just stuff all the junk in another, less crowded place. Call it something else. Move it around. Spread it out.

It's still junk.

Angela gives us a list of "heart junk"....

~Numbing techniques of a hundred varieties
~Over scheduling yourself and your family to avoid emptiness
~Escapism with movies, books, TV, or Internet
~Lying to yourself or others
~Believing lies you've been told
~Driveness and Perfection
~A Critical Spirit
~Body Image
~Lusts - physical and emotional
~Self Abuse
~Reckless Dieting
~Sabotaging your health
~Unrepentence - continuing to consciously choose a known sin
The first time I read this list I was SHOCKED at how much of this garbage was stashed in MY heart!!!!!

Angela says:
"Clutter happens when an issue begins to get in the way, when your soul is stacked with emotions, thoughts, and relationships that need attention."

Perhaps it is time to clean out the junk drawer of your heart. You'll be surprised at what has been carelessly tossed in there with the intention of "putting it away" later.

If you have been cleaning out junk for what seems like forever, make sure first of all that you aren't just moving your junk from one place to another.Make sure that you aren't just taking it out, looking at it, talking about it, and then putting it back. Take all the junk in your heart to the cross and leave it there. Once you get the hang of getting rid of the junk, please don't give up until the job is done.

Imagine the room that will be open for God to come in and take up residence once all the junk is gone!