Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do You Think I'm Beautiful? - week 6

Well, this is it. We have spent the past few months in the Ladies Bible Study at Pearson studying Angela Thomas' "Do You Think I'm Beautiful". Next week will be our last week and I am kinda sad to put this one away. I love the daily reminder of "God thinks I'm Beautiful!" Doesn't matter if I am having a bad hair day, if my mascara makes my eyelashes clump together, if my pants mysteriously shrunk since the last time I wore them, if my face forgets that acne was supposed to be left with my memories of the Senior Prom....no matter what my mirror has told me over the past few months, this Bible study has reminded me of the truth....God made me just the way he wants me and He thinks I am beautiful!

This is my second time to do this Bible Study and I loved it more this time than I did the first. I guess it has everything to do with where I am in my relationship to Christ. The first time I did the study, I was amazed at the possibility. This time I have been amazed at the reality. God REALLY does call me beautiful!

Before I did the Bible study the first time several years ago, I read the book. As I read Angela's words, part of me was screaming "YES! That's it! That's exactly how I feel!" I found strength and comfort in knowing that I was not alone in my desire to know God Almighty and know Him intimately.

Next I did the Bible study during my quiet time. During these quiet moments with my Maker, I basked in His love for me...me personally. I realized that He'd been there all along, waiting for me to stop trying to fill the place in my heart that was created for HIM with "other lovers".

I have wanted to lead this Bible study for years now...simply because it touched me so tenderly. I wanted the women in my life to experience the same thing. It has truly been a blessing to me to talk to the ladies in our Bible study about the Lover of their souls and it has been a privilege to share "Beautiful" with you, Dear Reader, on Tuesdays.

I want to share the following excerpt from the book, "Do You Think I'm Beautiful?":

Wherever you are, however alone you may feel, don't miss the words God wants to speak to you:

You are beautiful

You are desired

You are known

You are held

You are protected

You are rescued

You are forgiven

You are pursued

You are seen

You are precious

You are MY princess

You are MY beautiful bride.

This is the heart of God for you . These are the truths of scripture written about you and about me, and therefore my friend, they are so.