Saturday, June 20, 2009

Guest Blogger: Lisa Seal

Hey there!

This is Lisa aka "Spa Girl" and I will be seeing you in person in just a few short weeks at Pearson Baptist Church. We are looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing a little bit of ourselves with you. My family and I have just gone through a major life change and left the big city house for a quieter, simpler life in the country. I am learning from Paul, in the New Testament, to be content in whatever my situation. Actually, I am enjoying country life far more than I expected. I am now living very close to my mom and sisters and that is a great privilege for me. While my household surroundings have changed significantly, I am working hard to maintain a good attitude. In that regard, I thought I would share an entry from my blog, :

Through the Eyes of a Five Year Old

I am proud to say that I have learned a very important lesson this week from my five year old friend. My friend and her mom came to visit me and to see the new digs, aka old farmhouse. Ok, I was a little nervous about what they would think and how they would react to the huge difference between our city house and the farm house we decided to relocate to. There are many differences and no matter how much cleaning or decorating that goes on, at the end of the day, I still reside in an old farmhouse. Of course, they really came to see me, but we all know, as women, we love to see how someone else lives and does. Anyway, here is what I learned:

A five year old will run, laugh, have a silly grin and give you a big hug no matter how much stuff needs to be unloaded from the car or how bad she might need to go to the bathroom.

Five year olds don't know or care when you last mopped the floor.

They can't see how much of the trim has not yet been painted or even installed in many places on the ceiling or floor.

They don't care that the dogs lick their face or hair even when it has just been washed and fixed.

They don't notice that the grounds are severely overgrown and the gardens are full of weeds as they look in awe for the new tomotoes that are just beginning to appear in the leaves.

They think climbing through a rusty barbed wire fence and dodging cow patties is a big adventure.

They don't notice that the house slants downward as you walk toward the bedrooms down the hall.

A five year old does not even think to look behind the curtains to see how dirty the windows or the ledges are, or that the window is cracked and patched by a metal serving tray.

They don't notice that the study is in the laundry room or that the ice maker is missing and old fashioned ice trays are constantly being emptied and refilled.

Most of all, they don't care if my hair is fixed or my makeup is on. They don't even care if I have lost or gained 5 pounds.

And most importantly, they think blackened marshmellows roasted over a tiny fire and mashed between 2 graham crackers is the best dessert ever.

I miss my friend.

So, I will continue my projects and adventures here in rural East Texas while I am getting ready to come to visit yall! See you soon!