Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Break

It is definitely Summer time here in Mississippi! Our kids have been off to camp, we are preparing for VBS, some members of the ministry team have been on vacation...and it is 100bazillion degrees outside! Well, maybe it is only 99 degrees outside, but the thermometer on the dash of my car reads 105 everyday when I get in it...that's hot enough for me!

The FLO Wednesday Night Bible Study will not meet the month of July. This allows the Ministry team a month to prepare for the fall schedule and allows all the ladies a change in pace. We will start back up on SUNDAY nights in August, but will likely still do the Bible Study Post on Tuesday.....I think.

Until, we start back in August, I am going to use Tuesdays to get your input, dear reader. Now, I know that some of you who are faithful to read the blog everyday have not signed up as followers because it asks you to set up a google account. The account is free and you can use whatever screen name and password you have on your current e-mail account. The process is not difficult, and once you click "follow" on the right side of the blog page, it walks you through the steps. All that is to say, we would LOVE to know who you are, so please sign up as a follower!

I have been asking myself the Question "What do women need to know about God?" for the past several weeks. If I had one chance to talk to a woman about her creator, what would I tell her? Would I tell her that she is loved unconditionally, that Jesus died for her sins, that she is fearfully and wonderfully made, that Jesus came to give her abundant life, or that all things are possible when CHRIST is her strength? What do women need to know?

So dear reader, what do you think?
What do the women in YOUR life need to know?
What do we need to discuss here on the FLO blog?
Let us know what you're thinking.

We love ya and are praying for ya every day!