Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Announcing New Fall Bible Study

Our Fall Bible Study starts September 6 and I just cannot wait!

The FLO Ministry team gets teased by our husbands about our “Kumbaya” meetings, but the FLO Bible Study is SO much more than getting together for an emotional pick me up. We do have moments where all the ladies seem to weep on cue and we do have moments where we gather around a sister who is hurting or who has an acute need and we pray for her. I suppose we have even had moments when breaking out into a chorus of Kumbaya (or Breathe or Pass it on) would have been appropriate…..but we have not as of yet passed a lit candle between us singing “Go and light your world” to conclude a meeting. Still, our husbands’ teasings are a reminder of why we have the FLO Bible study in the first place….men and women are different.

As women we are relational by our very nature and it is natural for us to go to other women for advice and direction. As Christian women, we desire to have Christian homes, to raise Christian children, to be helpmates to our husbands, to be a positive influence in the workplace, in our home, in our church, and in our community. Unfortunately, we do not always get godly advice when we go to the women in our lives for advice on marriage, parenting, and how to be a positive influence. All too often the advice we receive from friends, family and co-workers is from a “worldly” point of view…one that is “self” driven rather than “Christ” driven. While the Bible Study’s main function is to bring women together to cultivate a deeper relationship with Christ and to grow and mature spiritually, it also provides us a place where we can open and honest about our struggles and needs and get advice from a Christ driven perspective.

The group has grown and expanded to include women of all ages and I have been privileged to watch these women minister to each other. I have witnessed tremendous spiritual growth in some women and have watched as some experience our Father’s love for the first time…or for the first time in a long time.

We always have room for one more, so please make plans to join us on Sunday nights at 5 starting September 6 as we begin Angela Thomas’s “A Beautiful Offering”.