Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Morning Thoughts

As I reflect on our sermon yesterday I am in awe of how much GOD really IS IN CONTROL! I think a lot of time we take many things for granted, that when we set back and look at the big picture they are really God answering a question or a prayer for us. How many times do we ask Him questions only to forget what we’ve even asked and then get an answer from Him (because He NEVER forgets)? How many times have we been in a situation where we truly needed something and all of sudden we get it from unexpected sources? How many times have we thought if only I had…… and then somewhere out of the blue we have it?

This is not coincidental, this is God answering us. But the bad thing is that we aren’t always listening. It is true that we make our decisions on what we are going to do or say, and in our “human” ways these decisions are not always pleasing to God. Can we control ourselves? Sure we can, if we make ourselves. We have to work really hard at control issues and sometimes these come with many nights of not sleeping due to worry.

The greatest peace of mind there is, is knowing that even when we have lost control of ourselves, our family, our finances etc…. and it feels like our whole world is caving in on us, GOD IS IN CONTROL. He never loses control. We may at times push Him aside because of our desire to control things, but He is right there waiting on us to realize that we were not created to control everything. He is waiting on us to say:

“God, I know I have constantly put myself in front of you, trying to take control of my life. I have thought that I could handle any situation and make everything work out, but Dear Lord I come to you asking you for forgiveness. I realize that I was not created to control everything. I was created to carry out YOUR PLAN and to let you be the one in control. I am giving up my position as Pilot and taking my rightful place as your co-pilot.”

I challenge all of you to take a step back and allow God to be in control of your life. As our pastor told us “Do not lean your ladder on earthly things because they will not withstand the pressure. Lean your ladder on God, he can withstand anything."