Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beautiful Offering - Week 3

The last time the FLO girls got together for Bible study, we looked at week 2 of Angela Thomas’s “Beautiful Offering”. We talked about Biblical meekness and how that compared to our secular ideas about someone who is "meek", but we spent most of our time together talking about being hungry for God and what happens to us when we dine on "Spiritual junk food".

Week 3 of the study covers the next 4 Beatitudes. We'll cover 2 this week and 2 next week. This week are going to look at mercy and purity of heart and at the promises Jesus makes to us when we are...

When our God who IS Mercy comes like a shout into your darkness; when the Father stoops down and tenderly picks up the pieces of your broken life; when Jesus steps in front of what you really deserve; and when the Lord of heaven says, "I still want you," after you thought no one would; mercy is the most amazing truth of all.

Mercy provides a life-giving breath for the one who has been holding her breath. A moment of unexpected pardon. A lifetime of clemency. An eternal sigh of relief. Mercy, even in its smallest application, lets you breathe.

God returns the mercy you give away. One who gives away mercy never runs out of simply can't out give God.

Remember the Promise?
"The merciful will be shown mercy"

Pure in Heart
Being "pure in Heart" is more about God living in you than God ruling over you. It is life transforming mainly because it is so much bigger than you are. . A pure heart is huge. Holy. All-inclusive. It encompases every piece of who you are. You can't make your heart pure and neither can I. So what's a woman desiring a pure heart to do?

Keep going to the only One who can make your heart pure and keep asking Him to make you clean. Don't lose heart in staying the course, in growing up, in being human, just keep going back to God and keep laying your impure heart on the altar of God so it can be made pure one more time.

Remember the promise?
"The pure in heart will see God"

I can’t wait to talk with you Sunday night in Bible Study!
Until then, Hugs all around!