Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Favorite Things About the Season

I love the old decorations on the tree because they remind me of years gone by. Old memories of when I was younger and Christmas was a super big deal as a child, but today when I go looking at the old ornaments with their old memories it is more joyful now the older I get because of what Christmas really means with Jesus as the center. To me it is all about making new memories for my children so that when they get older they will remember those times. I love having family and loved one close at hand and being able to show my affection a little extra during Christmas time.
Danyelle 38,
Pearl, MS.

Jesus Christ
Connie, 54

I LOVE the Christmas music- singing alllllll the Christmas songs as loud as I want in my car!!! And also hanging out with all the family- laughing and eating all the yummy goodies, of course!!!
Adria, 27
Pearl, Mississippi

I love spending time with my family
Brandon MS

The thing I love most about THIS Christmas, is that God spoke with me. He spoke to me and through me in a very humbling yet awe-inspiring and powerful way. He showed me a miracle and brought me to my knees. God is good! : )
Amy, 36
Newbern, TN

Listening to 100+ children in my daycare center sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!
Christie, 37
Pearl Ms

Being with my family
Elaine, 59

I love the Christmas season because this is the one time of year (aside from Easter) that most everyone is open to the suggestion of Christ. They aren’t too busy to hear about Jesus and the promise of Salvation. I think that it is easier to “witness” at Christmas because people are enamored by the BABY Jesus.
Kris, 37
Pearl Ms

My Favorite thing about Christmas is the Christmas Cantatas.
JoBeth, 29
Brandon, MS

My favorite thing about Christmas is that it's everywhere! You can't get away from it! I love that almost everyone I know is celebrating the same thing and enjoying the same songs, decorations, movies, food and hustle and bustle, but that everyone still has their own way of celebrating and own traditions. Even people who are too cool or cynical or jaded to get into other festive occasions still seem to enjoy the BIG ONE. I love that it's all-encompassing this time of year, and I guess that's the way it should be.
Lindsay Anne
Columbia SC

I love the food, the lights the food, the music, the food, getting together with family and friends…and the food!
Jessica, 14
Weston, Canada

The best thing about Christmas is to witness God is alive and we celebrate his birth to save us all.

Wes, 39
Nashville, TN

I love the HOPE that is encompassed in Christmas. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Savior…and the celebration of all sorts of things God has blessed us with…family, friends, etc. Were it not for the promise of Salvation, there would be no hope. God delivered that promise in the baby Jesus.
Jen, 28
Piedmont, Ca

The best thing about Christmas is seeing family that we have not seen since last year!
Merry Christmas!
William, Elizabeth, Douglas and Baby (due April 18)
Memphis Tn

Christie, 19

People are more giving, more patient, more considerate, more compassionate, more generous at Christmas!
Tashia, 40
Lake, Mississippi

Christmas is the beginning of the story that ends Easter Sunday.
Traci, 34
Murfreesboro, TN