Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The FLO Flower Pot

Several years ago in Craft class, Mrs. P. made us all make “yo-yos”…at least I THINK that’s what they are called. She gave each of us a circle of fabric and showed us how to run the thread through it to make a puffy sort of thing. Not being anything close to someone that might possibly resemble someone who can sew, I thought, “Okay, that was kind of neat. But what on earth would that ever be good for?”

A few days or weeks (remember, this was a while back) later, she brought me a rolled up piece of Ivory colored fabric. I will never forget the look on her face…she was absolutely beaming. We were planning our first “FLO” Fellowship. This was going to be the official unveiling of the “For Ladies Only” Ministry at Pearson. Mrs. P had taken the pinwheels we made in craft class and turned them into Flowers. She explained how a little piece of each of us was attached to “FLO”. I unrolled the fabric and found this:

I wrote the following to explain the Flower pot. I asked Mrs. P to read it the night of our first Fellowship….

An ordinary circle of colored fabric. By itself, plain and simple. Nothing extraordinary. Nothing spectacular. But….put this piece of fabric together with others and something amazing begins to happen. They begin to work together- their colors and patterns complementing each other. Together, these seemingly plain pieces of fabric become a beautiful Flower arrangement. Other pieces of fabric become stems of support. Another piece becomes the Flower pot which holds the soil from which the Flowers draw the nutrients they need to grow, survive, and thrive. The Largest and most important piece of fabric is the backdrop that holds the whole thing together.

What a beautiful picture of the women in our group. Alone, none of us are particularly remarkable or spectacular. Alone, we have strengths…but we also have weaknesses. Put us together and something beautiful begins to happen. Our strengths and weaknesses begin to complement each other. Together, we are able to give each other strength and support. We are (or should be) planted in the “pot” called the church, where we can get what we need to grow and thrive spiritually. The backdrop that holds us all together is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

So, welcome to “FLO”, the “For Ladies Only” ministry of Pearson Baptist Church. FLO has only one purpose, to let the love of God FLO through us to reach others.
November 13, 2006

When I wrote those words, “FLO” was still just a dream in my heart. I had no idea what “women’s ministry” was supposed to look like. All I knew was that I knew far too many hurting, empty, broken women and that God was the only one who could make them whole. So began the 3 years that brought us here.

Sunday night, we had our 2010 FLO kickoff. As I sat and listened to 5 precious women tell the group about the different ministries they are heading up this year, and as I watched women of different generations, different races, different backgrounds…married, widowed, divorced, and single…with and without children, grand children, and great grand children….talking, laughing, hugging one another, and asking about this or that ministry opportunity….I thanked God for the privilege of being allowed to serve Him and for letting me see Mrs. P’s “FLOwer pot” become reality.

The FLO Blog is a large part of the FLO Ministry. The whole reason we started this blog was so that we could give you, dear reader, a little bit of what we are able to give the ladies at Pearson. We wanted to take our ministry outside the walls of our church building. Little did we know that we would reach 41 of the states in America and 34 other countries in just over 8 months. Never did we imagine that we’d reach places like Chile, Malaysia, Poland, South Africa, Brazil, France, or Japan. Never did we imagine that there would be thousands of women visiting the blog.

Thank you, dear reader, for planting yourself in the FLO Blog Flower pot. We’re glad you visited and hope you’ll join as a follower. Please feel free to comment (you can comment as a follower or anonymously) at any time. As always, we are bathing you in prayer, wherever you are. It is our most earnest prayer that God will wrap His arms around you and give you peace, courage, and life more abundantly.