Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If I Could Tell You Something - Week 1

If I had one chance to tell you something that would change your life for the better, what would I tell you? Where would I start?
I would tell you (in no particular order) that:
* You are wonderfully and fearfully made
* GOD has a plan and a purpose for you
* Christ died for you…you have a place in heaven
* Everything works together for good
* You are forgiven….but live with consequences
* What you do DOES matter
* Your past is NOT your future
* There is a war raging and YOU are in the battle
* Garbage in = garbage out
* There are “friends” that are not good for you
* Church is important
* God has placed people in your life….who has God given you?

Next week we will begin with you. Your creation. Your life. You are not an accident or a mistake. God made you exactly like he wanted you.

We are, as people, pretty self centered. As people, we believe that we fall somewhere between "I am totally insignificant" and " I am amazing". Would your opinion change if you believed that the God of heaven and earth lovingly created you?

Name something you really like about your physical appearance.
Do you regularly thank God for the thing you listed?
Name something that you don’t like about your physical appearance.
Have you considered that God made the thing you named and that HE made it just like HE wanted it?

Over the next week, spend time considering the way God put you together. Thank Him for the things that work well, are pleasing to you, and that bring you satisfaction. Ask Him to reveal to you, or help you begin to understand why He put you together the way He did and how the things you are not so fond of fit into His plan.

Read Psalm 139, focusing on verses 13-16. Ask God to remind you throughout the week that HE made you just like HE wants you!

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