Monday, January 4, 2010

It's Another New Year

All the hustle and bustle is over. Christmas has come and gone. We are embarking on a New Year, and like many I am already thinking about what happens next. But before I can do that, I have been reminded of something. Something that has had me thinking and realizing some of my shortcomings.

As our preacher told us in church yesterday, God is wanting me to spend time with Him. Well, ok I guess I can do that. I did take off work a few hours extra to spend time with my husband and a few more to spend time with my kids. I am taking off for 4 days to go to Disney World next month. So surely I can take some time off to spend with God - right?

Let me get this straight - God wants me to spend some one on one time with Him. Wow, I have 4 kids what is that? Then the big thing is that God wants me to LISTEN and not talk. Wow, I am not so sure I am ready to do that. OK fine, I tried - as I sat alone last night a million things were going through my head and I could not seem to focus, much less make a way to hear God talking. Actually all I could hear was myself talking.

Why is it that when it comes to God, we find it very difficult to "make time" for Him? Why is it that we find it so easy to make God wait? Why is it that we get so frustrated when we have to sit in line for 10 minutes at McDonald's, but yet often times make God wait days, weeks, months and for some, even years before we give Him a few minutes of our uninterrupted time?

My goal this week is to find time to talk with God, in the quiet, and then make myself sit in silence and listen to what God has to tell me. Man, I cant wait to see what He has to say and I can't imagine how happy He is that His little girl is truly listening!

Love In Christ,