Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lighten Your Load in 2010

New Year Resolutions get a lot of Hype. Most all of us make a personal resolution or 2, even if we don’t do it officially. January 1 is a day to start fresh. The New year is all about making changes, starting something new….getting it together.

My resolutions USUALLY involve adding something to my life…exercise, a budget, a few good habits. About the only thing I consistently resolve to remove from my life are the extra calories that my New Year’s diet will not allow.

As I am thinking about 2009 (and years gone by) and looking toward 2010, I realize that, along with the addition of some very good things, I could resolve to remove some very bad things. There are all sorts of things I carry from year to year. Things that have no purpose aside from stealing my joy and causing me grief. Grudges, resentment, bitterness, and anger come to mind. Then there are other things I carry around… like guilt and regret. As I try to look at my emotional baggage objectively, one common thing strikes me….all of these emotions are tied to events in the past…..let me tell myself that once more….IN THE PAST. Can I stop here for just a moment? If all these negative emotions are tied to events in the past, then why am I dragging them around?

We ALL have things we WISH we could undo. We ALL have moments we wish we could re-live. The fact is, the past is the past. No matter how much we yearn to make things right, we CANNOT go back in time and get a redo….and neither can the people that may have wronged us. All these things are like rocks that we carry around. They weigh us down, keep us up at night, steal our joy and peace.

It is not too late to resolve to lighten your load in 2010.

What if you could walk into 2010 with one less stone in your sack of burdens?

What is the one thing you would leave in 2009?