Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Walk the Walk Update - Week 4

We are going on week 4 now and would love to have more ladies come and join our Walk the Walk Fellowship! We have a space just for you! I know many women feel like if they had to add on another "thing" to their plate - they would feel like screaming. We have had consistently 5-10 women show up each time for Walk the Walk. These women will tell you it is worth the time invested for a closer relationship with God. I know that many of these women are losing weight, I can see it!

Only 4 weeks and we have heard of some awesome results. I myself have gone from 2X to XL and now working on getting to a L size. Tomorrow night we will have a track sheet for showing proof of the results/this is totally voluntary. It is all done in baby steps, but the point is to move forward and to simply "JUST MOVE". When one of us can't make a night, we don't sweat it. We all know things come up.

The women that have been attending are extraordinary. Each one brings something very unique to this Ministry, and God knew exactly what was in store for us. For example, one lady in particular stands out, and has been coming regularly. She is a whiz at healthier recipes (not my strong point).. so we all draw from each other. The main focus for the ladies of FLO was the need for ENCOURAGEMENT... this has been a real encouraging experience and bonds and friendships are being formed!

God is truly glorified, ladies, with what your hearts want for you. It is time that you take the step forward and let Him know you do care for His creation (YOU)!

To the ladies that have been coming, you are truly a blessing - and keep up the AWESOME work! See you Tues and Thurs nights 6pm - 7pm!

Hang In There!