Wednesday, April 21, 2010

From a Member of our Ladies Group...

When I was asked to write on the “FLO” blog for the blogaversary, I was like oh my gosh, what can I possibly say that someone would actually want to read. I prayed to God that he would provide the words for me to write, and I know he is with me during this. I have to say there are some pretty special ladies in our “FLO” class, and each and every one of us are different, but in so many ways the same. We have been talking about our different shapes, and when I first heard this, I said there is no way I am getting up and discussing my body shape cause heaven knows it ain’t pretty to look at behind closed doors. I quickly realized the meaning in this context was totally different. I have prayed so many times, Lord, show me the way, show me how I can make a contribution to the church, but so many times I didn’t listen. Out of fear and just plain stubbornness, I ignored him. Well we all know God doesn’t like this. When I first started coming to “FLO”, I prayed the same prayer, please show me where you want me to grow in our church. Well I didn’t get a chance to ignore him. I kept hearing this voice in my ear, saying children, over and over again, and not only children, but girls. I was like whoa, you’re kidding me. Well God took it one step further and said, mentor, there again, whoa, you are kidding right. Well low and behold, he wasn’t. So, I presented my idea, and much to my amazement, it was well received, and hallelujah, I am on my way to researching and getting ideas on how to start a mentoring ministry for our young girls. Believe me, I have still asked God are you sure, and he responds yes I am sure. Deep down inside, hidden, was my passion for helping children, especially girls. For one I am a girl, and two, I believe in my heart, girls need to be mentored on how to transform from God’s Princesses to Daughters of the King. I am so glad God guided those who lead us in this ministry to begin FLO, because I feel it is an awesome way to connect with the ladies in the church, and it is also a way to share with no inhibitions. There’s nothing like having a good girl friend, and because of “FLO” we can have several good girl friends. I can not wait to see where God leads us all next, and I really look forward to the friendships I can build because of the “FLO“ Ministry.
My prayer:
Lord, thank you for my life, thank you for the people you placed in my life, whether long term or short term. Each and every person who has entered my life, served a purpose you set forth. I thank you for the “FLO” ministry, and thank you for the ladies involved, I pray for everyone of these ladies, wholeheartedly. I pray in whichever way you want us to grow you will show us and lead the way. Above all Lord, I give you the glory for all that I am and all that I will be.
In your holy name, Amen.

- Jennifer Westerfield