Monday, April 26, 2010

Pulling a Jonah

This morning I was having my quiet time and God spoke to me loud and clear.... “You are pulling a Jonah”. Now, this may sound funny to you, but I knew EXACTLY what God was telling me.

He has been telling me for MONTHS to do some things that are scary to me. I have pushed these things to the back of my mind and pretended like God didn’t really want me to do them. This morning, on the heels of several Sunday School lessons and sermons on obedience, God hit me right between the eyes.

I am “pulling a Jonah”!

What does that mean exactly? Quite simply, I have been running from God and have found myself in the belly of a whale. Of course, I am not typing this on my laptop at the bottom of the sea....but I have been trapped none the less. Disobedience does that....traps, binds, and separates us from God and others. Disobedience steals our Joy, Peace, and eventually just makes us miserable.

Just like Jonah, I didn’t totally boycott God and do something AGAINST God...I just did something else...something other than what HE instructed...something I was more comfortable with. What I proposed wasn’t a BAD just wasn’t what God told me to do.

OH! I am guilty of this in SO many areas.....

God says tithe....give Him what is His FIRST.....I have gotten in the habit of justifying and making excuses and giving Him “What I can”

Jesus modeled spending quiet time with the Father....I have gotten lazy and busy....and visited with God “When I can”

Scripture tells me to be my husband’s helpmate....surely the person who wrote that didn’t know my I do “What I can”

See the common theme? In all these I am doing what I can MY power. God wants to do BIG things in my life....and in yours. In order to do God sized things, I have to stop just doing “what I can”.

Are you in the belly of a whale?

Is your world dark? Maybe a bit smelly? Are you all alone, separated from God and others? Could God be trying to get your attention? Could it be that God has told you too to do something that you think you can’t do?

Oh God! Forgive me for being like Jonah. Thank you for giving me the story of Jonah so that I can see that I am not the first to try to modify your Calling to meet my personal comfort level. Thank you for showing me the way out of the belly of the whale....Lord, I do want to obey you. I want to do YOUR will and not just “what I can”. Help me Lord to TRUST you to take care of me and to provide my needs. Help me to let go of the things I feel I need in order to be comfortable. Help me to lean heavily on You and to step out in faith and just do what you want me to do.