Thursday, April 8, 2010

So What Do You Do With Easter Today?

So what do you do with Easter today?
I mean, all last weekend was filled with Choir performances, Easter egg hunts, new dresses, suits, and shoes, EVERYONE went to church.
But what about today? What about tomorrow?
What do we do with Easter after “Easter” is over?
Is Easter over, just because the sun rises on Monday morning?
Is my Lord not still alive?
Do I not still serve a RISEN Savior?
IS it not as important today to tell those in my life that “HE’S ALIVE” today as it was on Easter Sunday?

As a daughter of the Most High God....
Every day is Easter...
Jesus is ALIVE! I have a place in Heaven! My fate is SEALED!
So I wonder, WHO in MY life is watching to see what I do with Easter today...and tomorrow...and in July?

Oh LORD! Thank you for Easter! Thank you for coming to earth, walking among us, dying on the cross, and defeating death so that I could live for eternity with You in Heaven! Help me Lord Jesus to live EACH day with the same enthusiasm as I lived this weekend. Help me to remember that the wanderers YOU have placed in my life need the message of Good Friday and EASTER each and every day. Oh Lord! Help me to live in the victory of the empty tomb every moment between here and Heaven!

Hugs to all!