Thursday, May 13, 2010

Announcing New Summer Bible Study

Every now and then we just need to get back to the basics. We have spent several months talking about how to “Let go and Let God” so to speak. The only way to let go of our past, let go of control of our present, and let go of our plans and dreams for the future is to know God and Know that HE will take care of things. Knowing who God is and what He has done certainly boosts trust. Knowing God does nothing but prove Him completely trustworthy. Knowing God is what enables us to grow in our relationship with Him to the point that our natural instinct is to run to Him when things go awry.
It is my prayer for myself and others that we will grow to the point when our Fellowship with our Heavenly Father is uninterrupted. I believe that taking a fresh look at the basic Spiritual disciplines from Scripture will help us answer questions like:

“What interrupts our Fellowship with God and how do we combat it?” and “Why do strong Christians still have weak moments?”

We will be facing these very questions head on for the next 10 weeks in Ladies Bible Study. Using Charles F Stanley’s book, Practicing Basic Spiritual Disciplines, as our guide, we will dig deep into scripture and look for the treasures of understanding God has placed there to help us CONSISTENTLY be STRONG CHRISTIANS.

Through this study, we will learn how to develop disciplines that will build “spiritual muscle”, such as personal Scripture study, Involvement with other believers, and seeking Christ in all things. We will also learn the 10 Hallmarks of Spiritual Strength and the four R’s of Spiritual Growth. Most importantly we will learn about the character of God.

This Sunday will be Week 1 of the study.
We will be asking the question “What does it mean to be spiritually strong?”
The book is available at Lifeway Christian Store, if you would like to purchase one, but a book is not required for the class. (there is no homework)

Hope to see you there!