Monday, June 28, 2010

My Daily Bread

Give us this day our daily bread. Matthew 6:11
Most of us are familiar with these words spoken from Jesus' lips as he taught the disciples to pray. Last night in Ladies Bible Study, we talked about how important it is to have DAILY Bible study. This portion of The Lord's Prayer crossed my mind today as I read my Bible.
I eat several times a day and my body lets me know when it needs nourishment. God designed it that way. Likewise, my soul lets me know when it needs nourishment because my Heavenly Father also put hunger pains in place to let me know when to feed my soul.
There are several general feelings that let me know that my soul is hungry. Perhaps you have felt them too.
  • Jealousy- I feel slighted that someone has something I don't
  • Lust- I see things that I want and that the want of those things is what I think about most.
  • Pride- I believe that I deserve more than I have, or that I deserve what someone else has more than they do.
  • Greed- I want more and more stuff

Notice a pattern? An underlying theme? Want. When my soul is hungry, I want. The hungrier my soul gets, the more I want. Nothing will satisfy a hungry soul except God and the best way to know more of God is to spend time studying His word.

What does soul hunger feel like to you?

What do you feed that hunger? Do you feed it with the Bread of life or with worldly things that can never satisfy?

Father God,
Help me to be aware of the first signs of hunger in my soul. You have promised that You are the bread of life and that in you I will never hunger or thirst again. Help me Lord to remain in you so that I do not find myself "wanting".