Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Walk the Walk Wednesday

Gym mentality Vs. Walk the Walk Mentality

"Christians, your body is the Holy Spirit's temple, you want it to function right and be healthy."

There is little spirituality at many fitness gyms. The focus in a gym is on achieving a sexy body- often acheiving a sexy body over a healthy body. Most Christian women, women who view their bodies as the Temple of God, are uncomfortable with this "sexy" and "sexual" focus. Many Christian women want to be healthy and strong, not a object of lust.

Such was the motivation for a trend in faith-based fitness, where divine inspiration comes with perspiration. This year our Walk the Walk group will be doing “Body by God" classes. These classes are being taught at dozens of gyms and churches across the country. Prayers Get Physical: Body by God promises to be more than just the latest workout fad.

Ben Lerner, author of "Body by God," says his workout has staying power.

"The bottom line is we are called to honor God with our bodies, no matter what size, shape, or age we are." This is a commandment by God.

Body by God is not the only program of its kind. "What Would Jesus Eat," "The Prayer Diet" and "The Hallelujah Diet" are other popular titles aimed at devout Christians who want to keep body and soul together. Walk the Walk will be drawing inspiration from these books as well.

Many ladies that have confided that they do not feel at home in regular gyms:

"With most modern gyms, the focus is on wearing tight clothes. It seems as though a lot of people stare at you, that getting attention is the reason for going."

In Contrast:

"Walk the Walk is Christian fellowship. We don't compare ourselves with anybody else. We talk about our weaknesses and adress them for what they are....sin and the bondage of sin.”

We do hold ourselves accountable to each other, but only after we are accountable to our creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. In Walk the Walk, we know that if we lean on our own wants, desires, and temptations we take Christ out of the focus of what we are doing and why we are doing it. In Walk the Walk, we strive to focus on CHRIST 100%. Having Jesus Christ in control makes temptations, desires, and wants much more easily recognized as sin and from Satan. We are constantly learning how to battle and defeat the bondage of fatigue, obesity, over eating, or, at the risk of being offensive, the often over looked sins of slothfulness and gluttony. We are choosing to be active - to get up and move.

We believe that God wants you to start at where you are, right now, today, and move forward each second after that. He deserves our commitment.

He died on the cross for us. He gave us our bodies so that we could use them to serve Him.

Show him your love today by saying “I’ll Walk the Walk for You, Lord!”

Following His Lead~

"For Ladies Only" is the ladies ministry of Pearson Baptist Church in Pearl Mississippi. Visit our Church website at http://pearsonbaptistchurch.community.officelive.com/default.aspx