Monday, October 25, 2010

Mommy Monday

Prayin thru the Laundry.....

I love to pray for my kids. I pray for their teachers, their friends, their future spouses, etc. I truly believe that praying for my kids is one of life's treasures.

Laundry is another story all together. I have an innate need to finish things...and the Laundry is NEVER "done". As soon as I put that last load of laundry away, some member of my sweet family will toss a dirty sock or a t-shirt into the laundry room....heaven forbid we have an empty laundry room! Anyone feel my pain???

The other night, as I was folding Laundry, I discovered that LAUNDRY is a wonderful prompter of prayers. (And not just "Dear Lord, how can 4 people produce 6 dirty pairs of socks in one day???") I would like to share this pattern with you and encourage you to tweak it to fit your load of laundry. I have a husband, a pre-teen son, and a daughter in K-5.

socks - "Dear Lord, guide ________'s steps.
School uniforms- not to be conformed to the world, to be set apart, also pray for teachers, learning, friends, etc.
Underclothes - sexual purity, guarding his/her heart against Satan's attacks
Sports uniforms- protection and safety during games and practice, good sportsmanship, help me to recognize and take advantage of opportunities to praise ________ for a job well done.
work clothes - protection, purity, discernment, productivity, satisfaction
church clothes- salvation, closeness to Christ, witness, etc.
My daughter has a princess night gown....."Father God, help her to know that she is a princess, Your daughter, and draw her to Yourself  and make Yourself known to her."
I've found that my family's laundry gives me ample opportunity to pray for them topically.
Laundry is still FAR from being my favorite thing to do, but I do enjoy talking to God about my family as I fold their clothes.


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