Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scalding Burn? What to do. Anxiety? What to do.

Many times God provides miracles in all sorts of nature.... In our ladies bible study that we have wrapped up "Body By God"  last week, one chapter about stress management says to "find the spendors in nature"  - for instance, if you find yourself in a case of road rage on the interstate or in traffic sitting there beginning to feel anxiety because you may be running late to somewhere you need to be - just look to the clouds in the sky.  Isn't God so good to provide each day with a new painting to look at.  If the sky is dark, bleak, or rainy - find peace in the rain sound or the magnificance of the trees out the car window.  This technique really works IF it is applied.  Stop and think of the small things around you that are from nature (from our Great Creator/Father).  This will get your heart rate down, and remember to breath slowly.  If you find yourself in the midst of a full blown panic attack it is really best to get to a quiet place and actually hug yourself very tightly and breath.  Of course prayer works best for those things.  Remember to go to him in ALL things.  If you go to Him; He WILL BE THERE!  Look to Him and look for Him in all of nature.  You'll be glad you did.

Okay, so here is a little good miracle that God provides that does work.  If you experience a painful burn then do this little trick. 
For Burns

Once I was cooking some corn and stuck my fork in the boiling

water to see if the corn was ready. I missed and my hand went

into the boiling water....

A friend of mine, who was a Vietnam vet, came into the house, just

as I was screaming, and asked me if I had some plain old flour...I

pulled out a bag and he stuck my hand in it. He said to keep my hand

in the flour for 10 mins. which I did. He said that in Vietnam , this

guy was on fire and in their panic, they threw a bag of flour all over him

to put the fire out...well, it not only put the fire out, but he never even

had a blister!!!!

SOOOO, long story short, I put my hand in the bag of flour for 10 mins,

pulled it out and had not even a red mark or a blister and absolutely NO

PAIN. Now, I keep a bag of flour in the fridge and every time I burn

myself, I use the flour and never ONCE have I ever had a red spot,

a burn or a blister!

*cold flour feels even better than room temperature flour.

Miracle, if you ask me. Keep a bag of white flour in your fridge and

you will be happy you did. I even burnt my tongue and put the flour

on it for about 10 mins. and the pain was gone and no burn.

Try it! BTW, don't run your burn area under cold water first,

just put it right into the flour for 10 mins and experience a miracle.

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