Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Prepare Yourself

I had to laugh when I saw this cartoon! I believe that we can ALL relate to the Sunday Morning Circus. Little Suzy wants to wear snow boots with her sun dress, Little Johnny will not get out of bed, Dad cannot find his belt, and you poke your thumb through your only pair hose, causing a HUGE run (after you have tried on 6 skirts, 2 dresses, 4shirts, and a sweater before settling on the same dress you wore last week)... and the cat just threw up on the carpet. You FINALLY get everyone in the car, you and your husband are not speaking, and the kids start in with "he's touching me, no I'm not, YES you ARE...".

Been there?

Sadly, I am very familiar with this scenerio. Since My sweet husband is also my sweet Pastor, he leaves the house before the rest of us get up and around. This gives him time to get his head and heart ready for preaching....and removes himself from the Sunday Circus. But I still have all the other issues to deal with.

I struggled through the Sunday Morning Circus for several years before I discovered an almost perfect cure for it. I will gladly share my secret. Are you ready?

Prepare yourself.

Most of us neglect our Quiet Time on Sunday Mornings. Afterall, we are going to be in church for 3 hours on Sunday already. I have learned that, of ALL the days that I need to be well armed spiritually, Sunday is THE day!

I started getting up and spending some quality time with my Savior before going to Church to Worship Him. I pray for my kids, for my pastor, for our worship leaders and Sunday School teachers, etc. I pray that God will fill me with His peace and joy and love. I pray for those that will be in our services, both members and visitors.

Several things happen when I take time to prepare myself for Sunday, but the MAIN thing is that my heart turns toward God, the object of my worship. There is a precious peace that fills me when my heart is turned toward God and everyone in my home benefits from it. My children seem to be more pleasant, my clothes fit better, and we are on time for Sunday School...sometimes without a single threat (If you do not get in the car RIGHT NOW>>>>>).

So, I challenge you to NOT skip your time with God on Sunday Mornings. Actually, I challenge you to make your Sunday Morning Quiet time an absolute priority. Let go of those sheets 30 minutes early and visit with the object of your worship while the house is quiet and peaceful. You will be amazed at the change it will make in your Sunday experience when you start your day with God as your focus.



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