Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Tips, Trivia, and Tidbits

Seems Too Good to be True...
But it is true!
Gleanings from real research by Neil MacQueen

What if I told you there was a well-researched and statistically proven program that on average can:
increase the average life expectancy of your children by 8 years
significantly reduce your child's use and risk from Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs
dramatically lower their risk of suicide
help them rebound from depression 70% faster
dramatically reduce their risk for committing a crime
improve their attitude at school and increase their school participation
reduce their risk for rebelliousness
reduce the likelihood that they would binge drink in college
improve their odds for a "very happy" life
provide them with a life-long moral compass
provide children with a caring extended family
get them to wear their seat belts more often
and will also statistically improve the odds that they will lead an active church life in their adults years

Is there such a program?

YES, there is.

...And it is supported by research from Duke University, Indiana University, The University of Michigan, The Center for Disease Control, Barna Research Group, Gallup, Pew, and the National Institute for Healthcare Research, and several national surveys.

How much would a program like this be worth to you?

What if I told you it was free, and only took about 2 hours a week?

Would you be interested?

Take a look at the above list again. It's not a dream. The program is called

"active church participation."

In study, after study, after study, children who actively engage in a faith community on a regular basis are rewarded with SIGNIFICANTLY reduced likelihood of life problems and risky behaviors, and stand to significantly improved their odds of a happier, healthier, and longer life.

These studies show the same results for adults as well.

Here are some other tidbits....
"The cohabitation rate is seven times higher among persons who seldom or never attend religious services compared to persons who frequently attend," writes David Larson of the National Institute of Healthcare Research.

"Women who attended religious services once a week were only one-third as likely to cohabit as those who attended church services less than once a month."

Furthermore, "If the mother frequently attended religious services, both sons and daughters were only 50 percent as likely to cohabit as adult children whose mothers were not actively religious."

A study of inner city Jr High students cites that the highest concentration of pessimists is found among students with the lowest attendance at church.

Those who attend church weekly or more frequently, on the other hand, exhibit the following profiles:
They are more optimistic about their futures;
They have better relationships with their parents;
They are more likely to dismiss racism as an obstacle to reaching their goals;
They are more likely to have serious and realistic goals for their futures;
They are more likely to see the world as a friendly place in which they can achieve, rather than as a hostile world with powerful forces arrayed against them; and
They are more likely to see themselves as in control of their own futures, whereas those who do not attend church are more likely to see themselves as victims of oppression.

You can research it yourself. See what is said about the results that being an active participant (not just a member) of a God-focused (not self focused or works focused), Grace based (not works based) faith filled congregation of believers will have on your life and on the lives of your family!

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