Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

This is "D-Now" weekend in our community. The event targets 6th-12th grade students and (hopefully) gives them 3 days of intense discipleship that will (hopefully) spark a fire in their hearts for Christ that will (hopefully) drive them to be lights in their homes and schools.

Note that I said "hopefully"'s not a guarantee.

Often times, we adults get really hung up on what "kids" can learn from us, but as I have prepared my heart to be a "house mom" to a bunch of girls this weekend, I have been reminded that there are also things we can learn from "kids".

For example, you get what you give. This is something I feel compelled to remind the girls of this weekend....

"You are only going to get what you are looking for from this weekend. So, what are you here for? A new boyfriend? To make your parents happy? Because the rest of your Youth Group is here? Before we go to the first Worship Rally, I want to challenge you all to stop and ask yourselves why you are here and what you are looking for."

I have no doubt that events like this have huge potential to change lives. After all, this is the same concept behind church camp, revival, youth retreats, marriage retreats...even family vacations. Getting out of your normal routine and environment and being submerged in the Gospel for a few days can potentially change your life, but you only get out of it what you put into it.

There is huge potential in Church too. People's lives have been radically changed in churches all over the world for thousands of years. People's hearts have been radically changed in mega churches with 30,000+ memberships and in one room churches with 4 in attendance. Yet, people continually say "I don't get anything out of church" or "I don't need church" or something similar. Perhaps you are one of those people. I am inclined to ask you, "What are you there for?" or "What are you looking for in church?"

If you are looking for anything other than a closer PERSONAL relationship to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then you are missing the point of Church all together. While you may very well look for and find other things (friendship, a sense of belonging, peace, meaning, etc.), the ONLY thing that will radically change your life is a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.

In Matthew 7:7 Jesus says "Seek and ye shall find."

So, What are you looking for?

Just my thoughts...


"For Ladies Only" is the ladies ministry of Pearson Baptist Church in Pearl Mississippi.