Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Morning Pick Me Up

Hymns The way we might sing some well-known hymns if we were being honest about how we sometimes FEEL:

1. I Surrender Some
2. There Shall Be Sprinkles of Blessings
3. Fill My Spoon, Lord
4. Oh, How I Like Jesus
5. He’s Quite a Bit to Me
6. I Love to Talk About Telling the Story
7. Take My Life and Let Me Be
8. It is My Secret What God Can Do
9. There is Scattered Cloudiness in My Soul Today
10. Where He Leads Me, I Will Consider Following
11. Just As I Pretend to Be

 How do you worship when you don't "feel" like it? Think about who GOD is and not on how you are feeling. The wonderful news is that Salvation is not a "FEELING". If you have accepted Christ as your Savior and Lord, then you are a child of God and that is a FACT! PRAISE GOD for that!!!!

 Have a great week!

 "For Ladies Only" is the ladies ministry of Pearson Baptist Church in Pearl Mississippi.