Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Tips, Tid Bits, and Trivia

Lift Others Up

We all have days when we feel like the world is against us...and sometimes it is! There are few things that can minister to a hurting heart like a word of encouragement. We can be a blessing to others simply by reminding them of the positives in their lives!

This week, I challenge you to be a blessing to the following 5 people every day, simply by paying them a compliment. Notice their face and body language when you do. YOU will receive as much of a blessing as they do!

1. spouse 
2. child
3. friend
4. co-worker
5. total stranger

If this list does not encompass the people in your life, you can obviously substitute. Just don't omit "total stranger". It is always nice to get a compliment from a "total stranger".

It is amazing to me the difference in MY attitude when I make a conscious effort to see the good in others. When I LOOK for ways to compliment those God has placed in my life, there is little room left for negative thoughts!

Have a great week!

"For Ladies Only" is the ladies ministry of Pearson Baptist Church in Pearl Mississippi.