Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Tips, Tidbits, and Trivia

Our Greatest weapons against Satan are Prayer and time in God's Word. It is no wonder that the most neglected thing in our spiritual lift is our "quiet time" aka Bible Study and Prayer. As we spend this week together focused on trusting God, I want to challenge you to trust God to hear and answer your prayers. Do not limit your prayer life to times of crisis. While God does comfort us and answer us in times of crisis, we miss out on a rich relationship with our Heavenly Father by not going to Him continually in prayer.
Got a super busy schedule? Here are some opportunities for you to claim for prayer time....
  • When your alarm goes off - Thank God for giving you another day
  • As you shower - Thank God for your Body
  • As you eat breakfast - Thank God for your food
  • Before you wake your family -  pause beside each bed and thank God for them
  • As you drive to work, thank God for transportation, and ask Him to guide you through the day ahead. If you take kids to school or daycare, pray with and for them out loud. They will always remember you praying for them!
  • As you begin your work day, where ever that may be -  thank Him for the job you have been given and ask Him to use you
  • As you serve others - Ask God to touch their lives
  • At lunch - thank God for your food, for the mid-day break, and for being present with you all day long.
  • On the way home (or waiting for family to come home)- Ask God to take away any worry or stress from your day so that you can be fresh, patient, loving, kind, compassionate, and merciful with your family.
  • As you fold clothes and do housework -  thank God for those He has allowed you to share your life with, ask Him to guide them and refresh them, ask Him to help you to be what they need you to be,
  • As you prepare for bed - thank God for your day, for the things He revealed to you, for the people He placed in your path, and pray for your family and friends, talk to Him about your worries and concerns, ask Him to help you rest peacefully
  • if you are a sleep-deprived parent - spend those restless nights praying for your baby, for his/her future, for his/her salvation, for his/her health, for his/her future spouse, and for strength for yourself. Spend some time praying for comfort for the parents who have lost children or are unable to give birth.
As you can see, there are ample opportunities during the day to speak with God. Don't waste those moments with radio, talk shows, or idle gossip. You will be AMAZED at how quickly God can change your focus and your attitude, not to mention the amazing way He will assure you that He is present and active in your life, when you spend your day talking to Him!
Have a Wonder-full day!

"For Ladies Only" is the ladies ministry of Pearson Baptist Church in Pearl Mississippi.