Thursday, August 21, 2014


How do you pray?
Do you think about it?
Do you sieze the moment to go to the Father on behalf of another?
Do you give that person who asks for prayer the blessing of hearing you put words to the cry of their heart?
I have to admit that sometimes I am detached from my prayers. Sometimes I say the words that I think others expect to hear and go on about my business. Many times I promise to pray for someone and wait until I am in private to take their request to God. In my defense, I am extremely emotional and sometimes I feel like I MUST detach myself from the moment when I am talking to God for fear of melting into a sobbing blubbering mascara running incoherent mess. isn't that a lovely picture?
Most times the very idea of being allowed to talk to the creator of the universe is enough to leave me utterly speechless. If I pause and consider that I am entering the presence of the Savior of my wretched wandering I am so overcome with emotion that I can barely think, much less put words together to form sentences. To consider that I am in the presence of Jesus Christ who paid the debt for my sin so that I could live forgiven and victorious and spend eternity in heaven AND that I actually have His attention and can speak to is too much to bear.
So, I separate myself from the present situation emotionally when I pray for someone or pray in public.
No one likes a 41 year old cry baby.
There are times when, no matter how hard I try, the emotion in my heart wells up and slips out of my eyes and down my cheeks. Sunday night was one of those times.
We ordained a new Deacon. The last part of our ordination service is my favorite. The candidate sits at the alter and all the ordained men file by, lay hands on him, offer words of wisdom / encouragement, and pray for him. For some it is awkward. Others cherish the opportunity to pray for a brother in Christ.
There is something indescribably beautiful about men praying for each other. It is very different from the big eloquent prayers offered in Sunday Service and Wednesday night prayer meeting, although I do enjoy them as well. These prayers were personal, short, whispered, spirit filled... offered by one man of God for another.
There was no detaching myself from the moment as I watched the men of our church file past, wrap their arms around Blake and whisper to him. I have no clue what they said, only that Blake thanked them and said "yes sir" a lot. I watched as his best friend prayed for him, as his dad prayed for him, and, as each man passed by, I was struck by the tenderness of it all. These men have seen war, are firemen, carpenters, coaches, etc. and are a source of strength for our congregation.  There is something beautiful and so special in these rugged tough men kneeling beside one and lifting him up to our Father.
So, while my daughter and her friends giggled and said, "there she goes! she's crying again",  I thanked God for the men He has raised up to serve our congregation and for the opportunity to be part of another ordination service. I couldn't help but think of one we lost to cancer so recently and how God has raised another to stand in his place.
I love our church family. I love watching God work in their lives. I love watching God shape people for service. I would be dishonest to say that ministry doesn't wear me out. Sometimes I feel as though my soul is sucked dry. Then God gives me a moment like Sunday night and I am reminded of why we do what we do. There is no greater blessing than to be a pastor's wife.
PS...forgive the rambling...that's what happens when I don't detach from the moment! Now, let me go fix my mascara....
"For Ladies Only" is the ladies ministry of Pearson Baptist Church in Pearl Mississippi.