Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Emotional Burdens

Emotions are funny things. The Bible is full of emotional outbursts.  In trying to think over different people in God's Word who had emotional outbursts, I discovered that poor David experienced (and recorded) most every emotion we encounter. He was angry, defiant, lustful, greedy, vengeful, full of despair, broken hearted, repentant, sorrowful...
Scripture records David's attempts to soothe his various emotional states with different earthly things and, while we shake our heads and discuss how wrong his behavior was in many of these circumstances, we are really no different from David. Thankfully, his search for emotional "fixes" is recorded for us...we are wise to learn from him.
I have a dear friend suffering a broken heart, so that is on my mind personally, but I realize that not all who read this are dealing with a broken heart at the moment. After much prayer, I realized that the "cure" for rage, lust, defiance, greed, despair, etc. is the same as the "cure" for a broken heart.
I know it sounds simplistic, but the cure is to take it to Jesus...

We learn from David (and others, as well as our own history) that there really is not a cure for emotional upheaval in our own strength.....and if we are honest about it, it really is not so simplistic, is it? If you are like me, you feel you should "do something". I am a slow learner and I try to fix everything myself before I run to my Savior for help. When we are dealing with matters of the heart, it is best to just let Christ take care of it. Don't know how to get started?
Take a deep breath. Relax. Let your guard down. Close your eyes and let it out, whether it is hurt or uncertainty, anger, despair, or any manner of emotions...just tell Jesus/God.
Father God, here I am. I am _________ and I am helpless to fight it. I am paralyzed in my _______.  I want things to be different. I want _____________. You already know this Lord. I know that you know my heart. You know how I feel. Help me through this. Help me. I feel like I need to ____________ , but you KNOW what I am in need of Lord.....
 I guess this is the ministry version of  "take a deep breath and count to 10".  
I certainly don't have all the answers, but I know who does and I know that I save myself a lot of strife when I let Him carry my burdens.

Healing isn't instantaneous. Its a process. I've learned that the road is so much easier to travel when I let Jesus carry me through the tough spots.

Just my thoughts....

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